Ombersley Liquid Screed
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Finstal Liquid screed
Malvern Bungalow
Bidford Barns
Sale Green Liquid Screed
Moseley Self levelling
Stouton Stables
The Cube
Bidford Barns - Liquid Screed

Installation over underfloor heating in three barn conversions and
one large house, the project had to be completed in stages as the
barns were converted, barns 1 & 2 done first with barn 3 done two
months later, the house was a further two months later. 

All were done using Lafarge Gyvlon at depths of around 65mm. 
Barns 1&2 (86m2) were poured in one day the same for 3 (52.5m2)
and finally the house (184m2).
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