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Decorative Floor Moseley:
Having laid the underfloor heating and liquid screed at a Builders house he decided
that he wanted a decorative floor screed instead of tiles.  Having arranged for the
Mapei rep to visit the site with some colour samples to show the customer the
decision was taken to go with the anthracite colour.
The floor was sanded again to remove any lose bits or contamination such as paint,
plaster or grease, it was then thoroughly vacuumed out to remove all lose material and
Once the floor had been vacuumed the flowing stages were then completed.

1. The floor was given a coat of primer using a short haired roller.
2. While the primer was still wet we then covered it with a mesh to help the screed bond to the base.
3. Another coat of primer was then applied over the mesh and thoroughly covered with 1.2 quartz, again this was done    to
help adherence to the floor.
4. The primer was then given 24 hours to fully dry before all the excess quartz was swept and vacuumed off.
5. Once the floor was clear we then proceeded to lay the anthracite ultratop using paddle mixers to mix the screed using
exactly the same amount of water in each mix too prevent too much variation in the colour.
6. Once the screed was laid it was then levelled using a screed rake and spikey roller.
7. The floor was then given 24 hours to cure before a coat of sealer was applied to protect it from staining.
8. 24 hours after the first coat of sealer was applied a second coat was then applied to finish the floor.