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The Cube, Birmingham - Liquid Screed - 330m2, 55mm depth.
Day 1 - Installation of the insulation.  115 sheets of 25mm insulation were laid out and butted up together tightly across
the floor, 10 sheets of 25mm and 6 sheets of 100mm insulation were used to fill in a void at the front of the unit to
bring it up to the same height as the floor.
The whole floor was then covered in polythene with all the joints taped and the polythene lapped up the wall.
Day 2 - Installation of a gulley and liquid screed, we had to put some insulation along the floor 16m by 100mm in order
for electric cables to be laid in the floor at a later date, the insulation was covered with polythene to hold it in place,
then having set out the levels we installed the liquid screed.
Before starting on site we had to submit method statements and risk assessments regarding the work we would be carrying out. 
Following a site survey where we identified how thick the insulation needed to be and in what areas of the unit they needed to be, we then submitted a price and were awarded the job.
PB Flooring were employed to install insulation and liquid screed at an empty retail unit within the Cube, Birmingham a world class building offering office retail and hospitality.  The unit is to become a high class sushi restaurant.